Vertu, the first luxury brand, sells up to $32000

In 2005, Vertu switched from an early flagship male high-end customer to a new pink phone, which was designed for women who had the power to carry Chanel pink tweed bags. The top half of the fuselage is famous

The pink cortex material made by fashion brand Crocodile is soft and delicate; the lower part is cold metal, two times more hard than stainless steel and lightweight Liquidmetal superalloy. The keyboard is light pink, pink light gentle is obviously shown in the dark and lovely.

Vertu is called “Rolls-Royce in the mobile phone industry”, which is the first brand of IT luxury goods. In 2002, NOKIA established the independent operation of Vertu mobile phone brand with the spirit of “first in the world”. The word “Latin” originally means “high quality, unique”. Among them, ultimate platinum Vertu mobile phone price is as high as 32000 dollars, the gold version of Vertu mobile phone price is 18500 dollars, even the cheapest Version (made from stainless steel) is also 4700 dollars.

This is a world that ordinary people can hardly imagine. NOKIA mobile phone technology backing Vertu, why dare to sell such a high price, what’s so special about it? Luxury Vertu mobile phone, from appearance to the material are called King style. A mobile phone to use the 18 gold, titanium metal, ceramic, resin and top leather, sapphire and other luxurious materials, designers make these different textures of materials and electronic components combined with each other, at least to maintain the frequency of use of millions of times. The concept of its design comes from the streamlined shape of F1 sports car. Machine surface display is made of high hardness sapphire crystal, the internal structure of titanium metal as the main material, not only hardness higher than steel four times, but also reducing the weight of a half, each star button of the contact point is added, with ruby production, highlighting the extraordinary status, more high durability. The general button can only withstand thousands of compressions, and it can run normally after millions of compressions.

FrankNuovo, the designer of NOKIA, was inspired by the design of jewelry and watches to make Vertu have a slender cuboid shape and a lively design key. The first generation of Vertu mobile phone Signature series, customers can choose platinum, gold and other expensive metal materials to make mobile phone shell. In 2004, Vertu launched the second generation Ascent series, began to use a new super alloy material, the former Liquidmetal super alloy is mainly used in sports and aerospace technology. The initial Vertu is cool tone, suitable for male successful people use. Pink Vertu for female customers in 2005 also belongs to the Ascent series.

Who’s buying Vertu? The extraordinary, famous and fabulously rich people? According to a senior executive of Vertu, its sales doubled every six months. In Asia, it is particularly popular with many customers. When Vertu launched a gold phone with China’s lunar new year, some wealthy Chinese businessmen in Taiwan took the golden phone instead of the ordinary gold during the Spring Festival, giving it to the family members. Many customers from mainland China will go to the flagship store in Hongkong to purchase.

As Vertu, vice president of Asia Pacific, is the sole female executive, SugunaMadhavan said in an interview: “some people still regard Vertu as a communication brand, but in fact, it is a luxury brand.” Vertu does have some interesting details about the original fashion luxury: handmade, rare, identity, personal services and so on.

Vertu from inside chip to button is inlaid by hand, not like mass mobile phone. This cell phone has more than 400 parts that are made entirely by hand, and each one uses the best materials. In the manufacturing process, 20 new patents are produced, and it is also a record. For more than 400 components, it takes 20 times more time to assemble than a cell phone with only 30 components. Each of the keys are through the complicated process, with high temperature and pressure will inject a mixture of stainless steel, in the model, the cooling slope will produce the keyboard; button is embedded in both jewel bearing, in order to use more feeling. Each part of Vertu by the world’s most prestigious Gold and platinum supplier made from precious materials to fine carving, without showing elegant chic.

Luxury mobile phone accessories are also quite level, are all carefully designed by the famous teacher. Accessories price from one thousand yuan to twenty thousand yuan, to buy a set of accessories to set off the mobile phone would need fifty thousand yuan.

Vertu also strives to be “timeless”, rather than as mobile phones as easily outdated. It can not take pictures, nor send MMS; but in addition to strong screen and body material to prolong the service time, the software also offers full upgrade space, to ensure that after a few years can still be timeless, not because of the advent of new technology, new products and tarnished by comparison.

SugunaMadhavan claims that Vertu is a brand new declaration of life. Do you want to exercise? Do you want to go to New York with your friends to watch baseball games? Would you like to know Monalisa’s latest offer? As long as the request, “Vertu housekeeper” will provide good service. With Vertu customers, anywhere in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world, just by pressing a button on the phone, you can automatically connect to the company’s twenty-four hour service line in the uk. Customers have used Vertu, bought in Korea

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